The Yoshi Method


In accordance with the principle of informed consent, once the patient is informed of his/her symptoms, we explain in detail how we are going to treat them. Part of this process consist in a weight distribution analysis with the FOOTLOOK system.


We never give pressure in such a way that causes discomfort. We look for the level of pressure which will be comfortable to each of our clients. It’s the moment of relax, forgetting all the type of worries. With a moderated pressure, certainly it will get better.

Confirmation before 5 minutes

5 minutes before finishing the session, we ask our client if he/she wants to intensify the treatment in some specific zone. If the client doesn’t have any preference, the therapeutist, based on his experience, will make a selection for finishing the treatment.

Added service

In case of request, we offer you an extra orientation on how to make an adequate exercise at home, how to adjust the bones, Kinesiotaping (Neuromuscular bandage), auriculotherapy, etc.

Result and orientation

We clearly explain to you what is the actual situation of your body and, if you wish, we give you an orientation on how to modify your daily habits in order to obtain an optimal result.

Payment and sum of points

While you are relaxed and enjoying the Japanese tea and Japanese snacks, you can make a payment of the session you’ve just had. If you have a coupon, it is sufficient to sign in the paper. And please don’t forget to tell us to add one point to your card!


Yoshi will never force you or try to persuade into making more reservations. We explain to you clearly the treatment plan elabrated for your particular case, and it is you that decide. You can make a reservation in this moment, or if you wish, the next day by phone. In any case, by sending a message to your mobile, we confirm you the reservation one day before your visit.

The 3 main pillars of the YOSHI METHOD

The YOSHI METHOD is based on 3 principal pillars, bases of the success to achieve.

1- Technique of massage

Based on the occidental techniques as well as oriental ones, the manual therapy is adjusted to each client in particular. Yoshi fundamentally uses the perpendicular pressure. The massage stimulates the superficial muscles and restore the blood circulation. The perpendicular pressure is maintained to be constant, not directly forcing the blood, but nurturing the natural physiologic response of the humans. The result is that the blood circulation of all the body gets benefit.

The perpendicular pressure also stimulates the nerve, which results in influencing the internal organs or mental state such as depression and anxiety. By affecting the nervous system through one session of Yoshi, you will realize you can sleep peacefully and that the internal organs of your body function much better. We are living in a society full of stress which keeps the nervous system in constant state of tension. Some of the consequences are insomnia, little appetite or excessive appetite. Afterwards come the headache, dizziness, and of course, muscular tensions. Because of all this, the perpendicular pressure of Yoshi is presented as a very effective technique for the actual society.

2- Informed Consent by the patient

Just like a scoop in the world of the massage, once informed in detail of all the aspects of the therapy he is going to receive, the patient expresses his consent. Yoshi offers an exclusive massage for each client in concrete. One treatment for each client, and one treatment for each symptom. We think that this is the way of obtaining the understanding and the recognition of our clients.

Concretly speaking, we do not only explain how the discomfort is treated, but also how the positive effect will appear. And wihtout a doubt the best effect is obtained when we obtain your confidence. It can be said that Yoshi tries to transmit to his clients this specialized knowledge which our massageur have accumulated for long, and as a consecuence he can offer a service of very high quality.

3- A comfortable ambience

The YOSHI METHOD is based on the preventive medicine. “Even when I don’t have any discomfort, I would like to go see Yoshi. I feel better and it brings me into good humor”. In this way, it makes us happy that our clients, of his own accord, regularly come to our clinic, just as the way of preventing future discomfort. With Yoshi you will find an ambience of welfare with an exquisite care.

Bodies that get sick

To better understand how to achieve a body that does not fall ill, let us first reflect on those who do.

What factors are required for a disease or condition to appear?

Think for a moment about an accident or a sports injury. Despite its unexpected origin, its origin is usually in the subject that produces it. Even in these cases we can not stop thinking about the customs and activities of the person in question.

Eating and drinking in excess to later go to bed without having done the digestion will not happen to us bill a single day, but … what will happen if we do it every day?. It seems logical to think that our body will suffer. Our body will ask for a break. Here is the origin of the ailment. Surely all people understand this, however prolong their exposure to stress and are involved in other psychological states that intertwine with each other and give rise to the starting point for later ailments.

Bad attitudes and postures are equally pernicious

One factor to avoid is stress. If we join it, for example, to a bad posture, everything will eventually lead to contracture of the back, this is a bad breath and an effective loss in the functioning of internal organs.

One day it will not do us great harm, but all this maintained for years or decades will surely have repercussions on each and every one of the organs of our body. It is then when techniques of relaxation, rest, or massage, are of great help. However, many people seem to forget this fact until the onset of the first symptoms or pains.

These two great factors: the habituality in bad postures and the psychological aspect, cause unbalancing tensions for the muscular membranes, which induce to appear pains not only in the joints (shoulders, knees, etc.) but also In internal organs.

At the end of the day the muscular tension will be able to restrict both the normal functioning of our body? A large number of people think so. If the human body were a tent, the bones would be the bars that support and the muscles the canvas and the vinyl grips. If the canvas is too tight or too lax the tent loses its balance and tends to fall. If the human body loses its balance, the situation is similar, appearing numerous problems of nerves and in the blood vessels, that gradually bring with them tensions and a worsening in the circulation of the blood.

In short, the message that I want to convey is, once they have explored their pain and symptoms in their hospital, so that they do not reappear take the appropriate measures to tone and relax those muscles or membranes.

Of course, sometimes unconsciously, after taking these positions, we naturally stretch, but with these abnormal tensions we do not activate the unconscious forces. Perhaps to prevent the onset of an illness or fever our body unconsciously tries to regain balance. However, without previous ailments or symptoms, since these tensions are what causes our body to become sick, to consciously and intentionally eliminate them, we offer you habits for your life that will help you stay balanced.