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I like to offer SHIATSU to others.
It makes me feel very happy that the customers say after receiving SHIATSU: “I feel relaxed and radiant. I have taken the tension off. I feel radiant and eager to make my way and enjoy.”

Actually, at first I was very interested in the world of sports, so I moved the University of Pittsburgh in the USA. To attend anatomy seminars and to deepen the knowledge of the muscles and membranes like the fascia that allow to move the body.

Many people have muscle tensions because of forced postures that produce contractures and pain.
The same can be said of the mind. Living oppressively fixed in obligations produces the same effect.

Through SHIATSU, you can have a clear picture of what your ideal posture is from a mental point of view.

Realizing that he has been forcing himself for a long time, he will find himself as he is.

I love to see this in people.
I work because it gives me great satisfaction to see more and more people who are living as their own person.

Tsuneyoshi Nakai

Tsuneyoshi Nakai, born in Japan, is a professional massage therapist with more than 17 years of clinical experience in Japan and Spain.

Its initial formation is oriented to the medicine of the sport, recovery of injuries due to sports accidents and cases of chronic pathology.

This training is complemented by his qualification of Certified Instructor of Kinesio Taping®, counting in Spain notable students as the physiotherapist of Atletico Madrid or the Spanish Team of Handball.

Certified professional in Japan, he is also expert in oriental massage therapies such as Shiatsu, Reflexology and Auriculotherapy (ear massage that stimulates acupuncture points).

Diplomas and certificates

Seminar Course on applied Oriental Medicines University of Beijing, China
Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicines University of Waseda, Tokyo, Japan
Diploma on Massage Therapy, Oriental Medicine (Shiatsu and Suina) Clinic of the Dr. Zhiqiang Jason, Chen, M.D., Japan
Certificates, Official License on Manual Therapy Japan General Medical Care School, Japan
Certified Instructor of Kinesio Taping® Association of Kinesio Taping of Japan
Seminar of Anatomy, Sports Science and Medicine University of Pittsburg, USA

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